An interview with the founders of Marketcolor

By Marketcolor, July 2016

Marketcolor is led by Cynthia and Theo Casey, a mother and son who, together with an infectiously chipper team of designers, developers and data nerds, use the words “fork,” “scrum” and “Slack” as verbs.

Marketcolor is an award-winning content marketing and product development agency. Marketcolor is the agency you turn to for help with your trickiest client content assignments. Whether it’s visualising that complex idea or delivering results with a tight deadline, Marketcolor will get you there quickly and competitively.

We work closely, collaboratively and continually to get your project off the ground. We design and develop both digital and print products, from flawless infographics to viral quizzes, apps and more. And how does this all relate to modal jazz? Founders Theo Casey, Managing Director, and Cynthia Casey, Financial Director, explain all.


An interview with Cynthia and Theo Casey, the founders of Marketcolor.


An interview with Cynthia and Theo Casey, the founders of Marketcolor.

Q. How did you get started?

Cynthia: Theo has long held the ambition to be an agency man. But, on landing his dream role at a major content marketer he found himself as just another man at an agency.

Theo: Marketcolor started in earnest on the steps of St Paul’s. Cynthia and I had been mulling our entry into the industry for many months. Then, one day, while observing an anti-capitalist protest at St. Paul’s Cathedral, a blocked number rang my BlackBerry. It was Cynthia, who announced she’d just given in her notice. Mine soon followed.

Q. Why finance?

Cynthia: I was a wealth adviser. My day-to-day involved meeting HNWs (High Net Worth Individuals) who wanted reassurances that they were in safe hands.

Theo: I was a financial journalist. My day-to-day involved meeting and writing about wealth advisers, asset managers and company chiefs, who wanted to reassure their clients that their hands were indeed safe. But, the perspective we bring to Marketcolor is so much broader.

Cynthia is a distinguished classically-trained pianist. I read and re-read Sam’s Teach Yourself HTML a dozen times before my 13th birthday. When I wasn’t building my own code indexes, I was publishing experimental finance tools.

Today, content marketing is being shaped by the need to design for multiple screens.

Theo Casey Managing Director, Marketcolor

Cynthia: We have a growing number non-finance clients too. Marketcolor works with health charities, IT startups and major consumer publishers. We also collaborate with larger agencies.

Q. What do Marketcolor's clients want from you?

Theo: To explain modal jazz in 140 characters or fewer.

Cynthia: Which is to say Marketcolor is the agency you call to solve your trickiest client content assignments. Visualising Peruvian elections, explaining tax regulation, using puppets to explain terrorist screening by banks – we are fortunate in the breadth of our commissions. And to have done all of this with such large brands in only four years is very encouraging.

Q. What’s your USP?

Theo: Our rate card. We are an independent agency and work with an in-house team of experienced coders, designers and copywriters. I’ll let you in on a secret – most agencies have no idea how much a client commission will cost them at the offing.

Most agency “teams” are a patchwork quilt of whatever freelancers were available at the time a commission is green lit. And the impossible-to-predict sum cost of as-yet unknown freelancers is a variable that serves to inflate the quote. We know our team, and we can forecast our costs. It means we spend less – and that is a saving we pass on to our clients.

Cynthia: We know our customers, the markets, and we live and breathe our company. Our combined expertise and dedication to execution make for a compelling offering. We keep working ’till it's good.

Q. How can you make a client’s life easier?

Theo : We have empathy for them. It’s not uncommon for Marketcolor to write its own briefs, meet with clients’ colleagues and customers to help improve our understanding of what they are trying to achieve.

Q. What, to you, is shaping content marketing today?

Theo, Cynthia: Designing for multiple screens.

Cynthia: Content has to be entertaining, accurate and beautiful but it also has to work. The user’s laptop, mobile, watch, smart fridge... they all have to be considered. It's painstaking work, and requires a special team. We call our developers the DEVs, because they are:

– Diligent
– Exhaustive
– Versatile

Q. What is your definition of success?

Theo: Marketcolor refactored a microsite which climbed 342 places on the Google results pages for relevant key terms. We have lots of anecdotes like this.

Cynthia: The site looked much better on mobile too.

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